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Wu-Tang to That!

Three great shows in one little town



This week is the kind of week music fans have been waiting for with three incredible shows: Wu Tang Clan, Bob Log III, andBR549 . Three different genres: hip-hop, blues and country. Three different venues: 32 Bleu, Jack Quinn's and Classics. And three different nights: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's almost like what you'd expect from any given city with half a million half-educated people!

Let's start with the Wu-Tang Clan. Just for fun let's say you're a little older and don't know a Wu Tang from any other kind of tang. OK, imagine it's 1967, and the Beach Boys are coming to town. Granted, they're the older, fatter Beach Boys. But Pet Sounds was already released, and they've got hit songs and artistic credentials. That's what the Wu-Tang Clan is like; they're like the Beach Boys of East Coast hip-hop. And you want to go see these guys because they're legends and because hip-hop isn't just scary, angry black people saying scary, angry things and gang-banging; it's an art form. Sometime in the not-so-distant future, KRCC will have hip-hop hours from 7-10 p.m. in the evening and middle class adults will tune in to hear the Wu-Tang Clan because they were one of the most outstanding groups of improvisational hip-hop lyricists, and because Nas was almost as great a producer as Dr. Dre. Who knows if The RZA, Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Method Man, GhostFace Killah, Genius (GZA), et. al. will all be there, but who cares. Wu-Tang will be in Colorado Springs!

Bob Log III may not be a name you've heard of, but once you have heard of him, you'll surely bring him up at all the cocktail parties. Bob Log III is a talented blues slide guitar player who performs in a motorcycle helmet with a microphone shoved into it while he plays a bass drum and cymbal with his feet. He's also a man fairly obsessed with ... mammaries (gasp). He's got a song called (wouldn't be decent to print it, actually) for example, in which a woman actually claps her mammaries together, creating a sound quite unlike any other you've ever heard anywhere. It's amazing that some people might find this man offensive when the headlines in the news are all about killing people every day and there's more sex in the Safeway checkout line, but fortunately you live in a free country where the state will not force you to go.

BR549 shouldn't be a hard sell. They're straight-up Nashville western swing a la Hank Williams with plenty of rockabilly honky tonk filling and a fan base as devoted as any N'Sync 12-year-old, if not older and slightly less numerous. Original members Gary Bennett and Jay McDowell left the band last year for life outside the road, and BR549 wasn't sure where, or if, they might take the band. But guitarist and singer Chuck Mead, stringed instrument multi-tasker Donnie Herron and drummer Shaw Wilson decided on one more go-round and added bassist Geoff Firebaugh and vocalist/guitarist Chris Scruggs (yes, of those Scruggs) to the lineup.

Come out this weekend and support the Colordo Springs nightlife before it recedes like hairline into middle age.

--Noel Black

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