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Witness comes forward in Sheriff's Office notary scandal


  • Courtesy El Paso County Sheriff's Office

A retired sheriff's officer says he witnessed El Paso County Sheriff's Administrator Larry Borland order two employees to notarize deputy oaths in violation of the state's notary laws. The corroboration comes a month after the Independent reported Rick Dietz said he and David Mejia were told to notarize hundreds of deputy oaths for which they didn't witness the signatures, as required by state law.

The witness didn't want to be named for fear of retaliation against his friends still working for the department. He told the Indy that Borland told Dietz and Mejia, "I want you to notarize them and use the dates on them and I'll send someone down to take them to county [Clerk and Recorder's Office] ... I took it as an order."

Borland denied doing that on Nov. 8 during a news conference called by Sheriff Bill Elder to try to discredit the story after neither he nor Borland granted an interview prior to publication. On Dec. 7, Borland again denied giving the order.

The Indy received a tip that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is investigating the notary issue. CBI spokesperson Susan Medina tells the Indy via email, "After discussing your request with my team, it would not be appropriate for the CBI to make any comment at this time."

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