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Winter fun 2007



People are starting to grumble about high heating bills, and how annoying it is to get the wrinkles out of that plastic stuff you stretch over the windows. They're also whining about scraping their windshields, and putting clothes on before fetching the paper off the lawn.

Yes, a lot of people choose to live in Colorado, but still complain about the cold.

Rather than remind folks that visas aren't necessary for moving to south Texas or Florida, we instead aim to put the "fun" back in "ass-blistering, precious-Chi-draining, freakin' cold winter."

After all, along with the cold fronts comes the most fun thing ever: snow! Not only can you ball it up and throw it in your buddy's face so hard that it packs into his nostrils, but you can ski and snowboard and sled and snowshoe on it, too.

A good snowpack is at the heart of most worthwhile winter activities, including staying inside where it's warm and watching the flakes come down.

Maybe after reading our Winter Fun Guide stocked with ski-pass info, an events calendar, a gear review, an introduction to snowshoeing, picks for great mountain pit stops and a recommendation so stupid you'll be compelled to try it you'll have changed your tune. Maybe "Winter sucks" will become "Winter is the most superb time of the year, ever. Really, I mean it."

Bundle up and have fun.

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