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Last month's unveiling of Colorado Springs' new logo and slogan met with some confusion, disappointment, questions and more than a few alternative ideas.


Barb Burke from the southwest area is a nurse

Do you think our city needs a brand with a logo and a slogan? Yes, I think we need one. It puts you on the map, like Chicago is known as the "Windy City."

What do you think about the "Live it up!" slogan and logo? "Live it up" ... is that what we stand for? We work hard, and we have a strong military presence, and so many artists. There are a lot of smart, creative people here, and we could have come up with something more dynamic than "Live it up!"

Do you have any suggestions for a slogan? It should have something to do with the mountains, the weather, the sun, and that we're a tourist mecca.


Tamika Branson from the central area works in retail

Do you think "Live it up!" is a good slogan for Colorado Springs? No, that sounds more like Denver. We're a tourist town, with a lot of retirees. It's a lot easier to find stuff to do in Denver.

A lot of time, thought and money went into developing our logo and slogan. Then they should have come up with a lot better than that.

What do you think would be a good slogan? Well, law enforcement is pretty strong here. How about "Come on vacation, stay on probation"?


Bill Lightfoot from the east side is a mover

Do you think a city needs a brand? It might be a good idea to attract tourists.

What do you think of the recently developed logo for Colorado Springs? I think it could be a lot better. The lettering is good, but the mountains should be bigger. And we could come up with a catchier logo than "Live it up!"

Can you think of a good slogan for our city? How about "The sky's the limit"?


Laura Beauregard from the north side is a physician's assistant

Do you have an opinion on the city's new logo and slogan? Well, I wonder where the idea came from to spend that kind of money. Why didn't they just put it out to the people who live here? We'd have a better idea of what the city has to offer.

Do you have an idea for a slogan? Well, I'm not a slogan person, but I think they missed the flavor of the city we live in, and the quality of life we have here.

What about the logo, with the mountains at the top? It doesn't really look like Pikes Peak. It looks like a squished-down firefighter's hat.

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