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Many in Congress seem more set on imposing this or that favored principle than on fashioning nuts-and-bolts solutions to serious problems. And, in case they hadn't heard, it seems that we do have a few.


Nathan Stackhouse from central Colorado Springs is a member of the Air Force

What's the hubbub over federal funding of Planned Parenthood? It shouldn't get taxpayer money, because abortion takes innocent life.

Relate your view of gay marriage and civil unions. A man and a woman consummating their relationship produce children. That's a pretty strong indicator of what marriage should consist of.

Explain the furor over labor unions and collective bargaining. Public sector unions are helping drive the national debt because they protect pensions and unsustainable obligations.

If you had a direct line to your congressional representative, what would you say? I'd challenge the false assertion that the issues we're facing are strictly economic. All issues have a moral basis. There's a good reason why Adam Smith wrote The Theory of Moral Sentiments before he wrote The Wealth of Nations.


Natalie Seals from Old Colorado City works as a sales clerk

What's the controversy over federal funding of Planned Parenthood? The mission of Planned Parenthood is to offer affordable women's health care. It's where I go for that. The propaganda from the right is that Planned Parenthood is killing babies.

Relate your view of the gay marriage debate. It's an equality issue. I thought we worked it out in the '60s that everyone should be equal. Why is that no longer true?

What underlies the anti-union furor of present? Unions are crucial for protecting worker rights, but they shouldn't become so powerful that they abuse their position, make it worse for everyone, and then nobody gets anything.


Charles Bynum from downtown Colorado Springs is a student

Name the biggest issue facing Congress. The Federal Reserve. It's a privately owned, foreign-held corporation that dictates our financial policy and enslaves us in a cycle of debt we can't break out of.

Why the debate over federal funding for Planned Parenthood? Whether we agree with abortion or not, Planned Parenthood serves a real need in our community. A nation that spends billions on wars trying to kill other people shouldn't complain about a tiny amount going to help people of this country in need.

Why the current attempts to hamstring labor unions? Corporations don't like unions because they empower workers, and corporations are in business to exploit workers to the extent they can in the name of profits. They have the power, money and control of media to convince people that profits trump worker rights.

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