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Welcome to our second annual SimpliCity guide, intended to shine light on worthwhile topics of health and wellness in the Pikes Peak area.

In a way, the name says it all; we play off of "simple" and "city" because back-to-basics thinking is often where you'll find the solution to that which has become cluttered, out-of-balance and in its own way ill. Like grocery items once loaded with additives and preservatives, that now market themselves around a handful of basic and pronounceable ingredients, we're seeking to simplify.

Yes, that's a by-now clichéd buzz-word battered by magazine articles urging us to engage in any number of metaphoric spring cleanings, but remember it's been cyclically trending at least as far back as Henry David Thoreau's mid-19th-century wandering into the woods. When we make the energy, time and motivation to do such activities as meditate, supplement our diets, address our ailments therapeutically, get crafty and industrious with natural materials, or consume mindfully in our marketplace, then we are capturing the essence of simplicity.

This is but a handful of examples of activities underway, and each year we'll spotlight more. In fact, each week we'll touch upon the betterment of our town via the new, weekly SimpliCity column in the Indy. (Find it here.) There, we'll tackle broader subjects like energy and conservation, trails and infrastructure and environmental health, as they pertain to local people, places and events.

So welcome to the bigger, badder, greener Indy. Today we start. Tomorrow we reinvent and hopefully revolutionize.

It's simple, really.

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