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What's next for the Colorado Springs Medical Marijuana Working Group?


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Back in May 2016, the city’s moratorium on new pot shops was extended for another year, despite promises to the contrary. The Medical Marijuana Working Group, originally called a task force, began its second go-around looking at ways to regulate the new industry.

Members include City Councilor Larry Bagley, the Mayor’s Deputy Chief of Staff Bret Waters, neighborhood group representatives, industry stakeholders and patient advocates. Nearing the end of this year’s work, the group recommended three ordinances to limit licensed locations and outlaw weed giveaways at head shops. They were set for a second read March 28.

So, what’s next for the group?

Council Administrator Eileen Gonzalez says via email the group “will continue past the end of the moratorium in May, but may meet more or less frequently depending on issues at hand; I think the group has done some very heavy lifting over the past 18 months or so, and things may slow down for a while on the marijuana front.”

She adds, “In the short term, the group may discuss issues relating to possible licensing for marijuana testing facilities; the problem of radio frequency interference from grow lights that affects radio communications; and the outcomes of what’s happening in the legislature.”

The working group, which recently added two new pro-marijuana members, will lose Bagley, who isn’t running for reelection, in April. Gonzalez says his replacement won’t be chosen until after the April city election.


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