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West Meets Far West: What Hath Columbus Wrought?

When: Wednesdays. Continues through Nov. 20 2013

Course H, #3175 "Chocolate, Tomatoes, Tobacco, and Syphilis: How The New World Changed the Old World Forever". Do you know what the Columbian Exchange is? It is the term used for the movement of food, animals, diseases, people, and elements of culture in both directions between the New World (the Americas) and the Old World (Europe). Ponder philosophical questions before you enjoy Thanksgiving. Nov 6 #3194 "Christianity, Smallpox, Slavery and Genocide: How the Europeans Remade the New World in Their Own Image". Nov 13 #3123 "The Plight of the Native Americans" Nov 20 Instructors Julia Hargrove and Urban Turzi

Price: Cost: $20 per class for members/$25 per class non-members

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