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We're stimulated, all right



Local response to the $789 billion "stimulus package" that squeaked through Congress last week runs the gamut, from cautious optimism to outright anger.


Mark Cunningham
West side


Based on what you know about the stimulus package, are you happy it passed? No. It's impossible to get a thousand-page, trillion-dollar bill at midnight and then understand it and vote on it responsibly the next day. Nobody knew what's really in that bill.

How might its passage impact you? According to mainstream media, it'll stimulate my paycheck $13 a week.

Does it bother you that only three Republicans voted for it? It thrills me at least some of our elected leaders know it's wrong to rush through a trillion-dollar bill.

What are the prospects for future bipartisanship? Not good. I think everyone has the best interests of our country at heart, but there's fundamental differences over what those best interests are.


Melinda Couch
West side

Physical therapist

What's your take on the stimulus package? We're in the worst economic situation in decades. Something had to be done. I'm glad it passed.

Does it bother you only three Republicans supported it? Yes. President Obama genuinely tried to cut across party lines and be inclusive, but Republicans seem bent on sabotaging those efforts.

What are the possibilities for future bipartisanship? Many are saying this bill is the easy thing to have worked together on. The toughest issues are still ahead. I'm less optimistic about bipartisanship now.

What's your prediction, economically, for 2009? It's going to get worse before it gets better, but the stimulus package will create some jobs. Hopefully, 2010 will be better.


Kirk Kovel


What's your response to the stimulus package? They rushed it through, just like they did the bank bailout. My wife works at Citigroup, and she says it's insane where the bailout money went. It did little, if anything, for the economy, and it'll be the same with the stimulus bill.

How will the package impact you? Sooner or later, somebody's going to have to pay for it. All our taxes will go up.

Does it bother you only three Republicans supported it? It bothers me that any Republicans supported it. Now it's being hailed as a bipartisan effort, which it wasn't.

What's the likelihood of future bipartisanship? Slim and none. Obama promised more transparency and accountability, but it's not happening.

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