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13 Republicans who face ousting and Letter from Carolyn Myers


The 13 Republicans who face ousting from leadership:

William Bogner

Eugene Bray

Charles Conser

Bob Cordova

Jan Doran

Councilman Tom Gallagher

Jack Gloriod

Councilman Jerry Heimlicher

Greg Johnson

Mary Ellen McNally

Claire Rolla

Don Schley

Brian Wess

Letter to the editor from Carolyn Myers, published Oct. 26, 2000 in the Ranchland News:

The Right Type

I guess if you are not 'right' you should not run for office, introduce tax cut ideas or even breathe the air in Colorado! It occurred to me that small communities could foster some small minded thinking. If the definition of a true Coloradoan is a neighbor who helps her neighbors, then we are fortunate to have Colette Wright in our Community! I wondered if anyone noticed that Colette was acknowledged on page 17 of the "Ranchland News" last week for having volunteered countless hours in disaster situations for the American Red Cross. Colette has traveled the country helping flood and earthquake disaster victims as well as to responding to many local flood and fire emergencies. Last week she was called to South Florida to aid victims of yet another flood disaster. Colette Wright is also running for public office which most people consider a public service. Is she the right kind of Coloradoan?" Most of her neighbors think so! Thank you Colette.

Carolyn Myers-Elbert.

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