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We vote for Soft Brexit at Lost Friend Brewing Company


  • Griffin Swartzell

Lost Friend Brewing Company, 2458 Montebello Square Drive, 694-8501,

Experienced homebrewers Andy and Alyssa France — a former field mapper and financial industry employee, respectively — have been working to open their brewery since late 2016, so we’re no-qualifiers-needed jazzed to see that things finally came together in early April.

We sample a handful of beers: Soft Brexit, an English mild, sips malt-forward as the style demands, notably nutty with an out-of-character faint tang on the finish. WeltSchmerz hits all the notes of a good Vienna lager, mildly sweet and amber in color, with a balanced, background-hop bitterness and a dry finish. We do note a few off beers, though. The Wee Tail wheat ale sips on the thin side with a blunt bitterness, though it sports a good mouthfeel. Homeward Bound hazy IPA also goes down thin, but it’s silky up front, with a bitter, somewhat spicy finish, not so much fruity like the style usually is; I like it, personally.

The Bitter One, the spot’s West Coast IPA, needs more aroma and flavor hops to balance its bitter hop punch, which clings after each sip. Overall, Lost Friend shows better than most for their starting lineup. 

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