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We are what we eat


Studies indicate increasing levels of steroids, antibiotics and hormones in our meat, mercury in our fish, toxins in our air and water, harmful chemicals in our food and drink containers. Do we have any choice in this?


Deborah Smith
Cheyenne Mountain

Professional triathlete
How much does accumulating toxins in our food, water and air concern you? Very much, especially since I was an environmental major in college. It's probably not as bad a problem in Colorado Springs, and you can get food at places like farmers markets that aren't as high in pesticides.

Does Congress give enough priority to food safety? It should be a priority, but there are other things we should tackle first.

Name an eating or lifestyle behavior prompted by health concerns. I eat the right proportions, avoid fatty foods and work out. I don't cook with butter, and I don't eat out much.

Would healthier food be worth paying more for? It would make us live longer, and gas prices are going up anyway, so why not food, too?


Jane Roberts
West side

On a 1-to-5 scale, rate your concern about toxins in food and water. Five. Our food is coming more and more from giant farming corporations that misuse land, use more chemicals and grow in less variety.

Predict the likelihood that ingested toxins will impair your health or shorten your life. It's unlikely, given all the medical advances lengthening our lives. It'll impact our grandchildren more than us.

Does Congress give food safety enough priority? On a scale of 1 to 5, it should get at least a four, but I give them a zero. Only protecting our country should have higher priority.

Name something you do to protect yourself. I eat more fish and vegetables than I did while growing up.

Would you accept higher prices for purer food? I don't think higher prices are necessary for pure food. Buy local, at places like farmers markets.


Tim May

Software engineer
How grave a danger are toxic substances in our food? We're getting a better handle on it, but we have a problem with hormones and pesticides.

What's the likelihood that food toxins will impair your health or shorten your life? Low to moderate. I'm pretty careful about what I eat, and I try to purchase local, fresh produce.

How high a priority should Congress make this issue? It should be a four out of five, with five being all-out emergency.

Would you trade higher prices for purer food? I think it's already that way, though prices at places like farmers markets are lower.

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