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Sixty Seconds with Eli Show



Indy: This band started out as a loose collective, just a bunch of friends [from around Sioux Falls, S.D.] getting together to make music. What happened to make you decide you wanted to record and tour?

ES: It just started sounding good, I guess. We really fell into our own as a band. It seemed like we were a real band, I guess to the point where everybody kind of knows what everybody is playing before they play it.

Indy: You just released your second full-length CD, The Shape of Energy. How was this project different from the debut CD [The Pretender]?

ES: It was a completely, completely different process. Like we wrote the songs for The Shape of Energy in practice. We played them together before we set them down on this record. Whereas on The Pretender, we wrote them in the studio track by track and piece by piece.

Indy: Your approach to the pop song form is pretty unique. You use the verse-chorus approach, but not as a repeat and sing-along tool. Instead, the vocal and instrumental parts seem to build upon each other. How do you view your songwriting and arranging approach?

ES: I think we have a different attack than some people. Some of us were self-taught musicians, so we don't really have an idea of how to write stuff, like how you're supposed to. So everything is kind of a natural occurrence of how we feel. We're always aware of where the song is rising and where the song is falling, and if it's strong enough to keep a part or strong enough to keep going, or if we should end it. I think that's a big part of how we write songs, like how epic it is.

At theLoft, Dec. 4.

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