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Wayne Hammerstadt

Adam's Mountain Caf, June 5



Wayne Hammerstadt

Adam's Mountain Caf, 934 Manitou Ave., 685-1430 Tuesday, June 5, 6:30 p.m. No cover.

Wayne Hammerstadt thinks of himself as more of a music fan than a musician.

"I love music," he says. "I love it all."

Especially local music.

"It's a common misconception that you have to go out of town to see good music," he says. "I don't agree."

Hammerstadt himself is a talented artist. He plays classical, acoustic and electric guitar and describes himself as a multi-stylist.

"My sound on an electric is different than when I play an acoustic," he says. "I like to experiment."

For years, Hammerstadt played in the improv band Acid Jazz. Now, every Tuesday night, he performs solo at Adam's Mountain Caf in Manitou Springs. He's currently working on an original CD, which he labels "progressive." It is littered with jazz, funk and blues.

Hammerstadt plays more than 200 shows a year and teaches guitar to 50-plus students. This immersion into local live music gives him a perspective few other "music fans" have on the scene.

"There are great-caliber musicians in this town," he says. "There is so much talent here. We just have to keep playing. The audience will catch on eventually."

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