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" Wherever you go, there you are." These semi-ancient words of wisdom could be the touring anthem of newcomers to the modern Christian rock scene, Waterdeep. The band prides itself on the small collections of fans that seem to spring up wherever they go, drawn by Waterdeep's unique blend of worship, rock and freedom. The band wants to be more than another live show trying to tune into those in need of uplifting -- they want to be an experience. "We've come to realize that God most often works through people in relationship, in community, with one another," says guitarist Don Chaffer. "What some people refer to as the 'Waterdeep Community' is really just a microcosm of the Body of Christ. These people aren't just showing up to watch a performance. It's the community, the fellowship, the worship that's central."

Chaffer met drummer Brandon Graves in June of 1995, and with the help of a few additional players, Waterdeep was born. Chaffer's wife Lori was enlisted to sing, while Graves' wife Christena joined in to play keyboards. A few personnel changes occurred, including the addition of Kenny Carter on bass, and Waterdeep had created the ensemble that recorded their latest work, Everyone is Beautiful. In order to record the album, the band worked with the likes of producer Dennis Matkosky (Chicago) and engineer Niko Bolas (Neil Young, Fiona Apple, Billy Joel) to come up with a unique mixture of faith and progressive acoustic pop and rock.

Waterdeep will jam after twilight on President's Day at the all-ages House of Soul, hosted by Vanguard Church. Admission is $5; call 260-7500.

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