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Bravery and heroism come in many forms. As does criminal mischief. An anonymous employee of a marijuana dispensary in Canada found this out the other day and it’s all on camera. In the United States, there are about 1,315,561 practicing lawyers to sift through criminal activity, but this Canadian acted as law enforcement, judge, jury, and executioner (not literally) all in one fell swoop.

Opening the shop one ordinary morning, the employee was milling about completing regular opening duties with a coworker and an exceptionally tiny dog. While one can imagine the chill atmosphere of a marijuana dispensary mere minutes — seconds even — after opening, it was swiftly torn asunder be three masked burglars.

Busting through the front door, the three criminal masterminds start blasting bear spray across the counter at the two. The one employee, rather than backing down and letting them loot the shop, grabs the nearest weapon and confronts them. His weapon of choice? A doughty glass bong.

The burglars were armed with bear spray — which the shop owner definitely got sprayed with — but failed to rob the store after being warded off by a now very not-chill marijuana dispenser who was threateningly holding a giant glass bong like a baseball bat. The video shows him dodging a recycling bin being thrown at him, all the while advancing through a cloud of bear spray, bong in hand. Yes, the man was unfazed by a spray that deters literal bears in their tracks and sent the pot perps packing, all whilst hefting a bong.

"Three of the males entered the store with their faces covered while brandishing canisters of bear spray. They were met with great resistance by the store clerk and despite being sprayed with Bear Spray," said the police in a Facebook post.

The would-be robbers, defeated by the very apparatus they sought to smoke their plunder with, fled the scene in a white van, presumably implicating a fourth. Everything was captured on CCTV and police are looking for any information people know about this attempted heist.

Here's the incident in all of its grainy, CCTV glory:

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