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Though many of us are still having to make the best of un- or underemployment, summer lends a little brightness to almost everything. Here's to bugle-bright mornings, cricket-chirp evenings, and sleeping with the windows open.


Karen Lakes from the North End is a gardener in a retail nursery

What about summer are you most looking forward to? I love evenings in summer — the peace of sitting in my garden, eating supper.

Has the price of gas or other economic issues curtailed plans for this summer? Gas prices and recently being unemployed for 10 months have put a crimp into me doing just about anything this summer.

What's your favorite summer beverage or meal? My primo summer beverage is mojitos, a great drink made with mint. My favorite summer meal is grilled salmon, roasted asparagus and lemon sorbet.

Name a summer you wish you could re-live. When I was 8, I lived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, directly across the street from Wake Forest University. I spent an idyllic summer hanging around with the gardener on the R.J. Reynolds estate there. I snuck in the back entrance every day, and nobody ever challenged my presence. He was a wonderful man who taught me a lot. It's why I garden for a living now.


Brian Payeur from Fort Carson is an Army man

Name something you're looking forward to this summer. Kayaking.

Have high gas prices influenced your summer plans? I'll be riding bikes a lot more.

What, to you, is the taste of summer? Fruit teas.

What summer would you re-live, if you could? The summer of 2004, when I hitchhiked from Arizona to Alaska.

If you could do anything you wanted this summer, what? Go to New Zealand. When I was little I had a pen pal there, and we talked about the fun outdoor things to do there. I've wanted to go there ever since.

Is there a song you associate with summer? Billie Holiday doing "Summertime."


Jennifer Bloom from Green Mountain Falls is an unemployed blacksmith

What summer-specific activity are you most looking forward to? Helping my family grow a large organic garden.

How have gas prices or other economic issues altered your summer plans? Being unemployed makes it hard to afford doing anything. That's why I'll be gardening this summer — for food.

What, to date, is your best-ever summer? The summer of 2008, when I went to Iceland. I was a Nordic studies minor at CU in Boulder, and I went to Iceland as an independent studies thing. I loved experiencing a culture that isn't so capitalism-driven.

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