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War and society, anti-fracking votes, health care, and more



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Keep them home

Thank you so much, Charles H. Guy, for stating the obvious ("We mortals should hate war," Your Turn, Nov. 6). That war has no part in any human society.

People here in Colorado Springs think that this is blasphemy. How can we live without war? We can, by bringing our military men and women home and solving the problems of our country with their expertise.

— Jan Chappell

Colorado Springs

Anti-fracking victories

To the citizens of Colorado:

The Nov. 5 election was a monumental victory where you, the good citizens of Colorado activated your authority by voting to prevent the heavily unregulated toxic, oil and gas industry from fracking in Fort Collins, Lafayette and Boulder. You faced off against a sneaky, money-hungry, multinational industry machine and you won!

You were inundated like flood waters with misleading and disingenuous oil and gas information with the intent of using money to overpower your personal will and rights. Yet in the face of almost a million dollars spent by this industry, you could not be silenced any longer. You stood up to the industry and Governor Hickenlooper and said: "We've had enough toxic, unregulated industry. We are the government now."

Your strong voice is the culmination of over four years of doing the right thing to protect your family, your neighborhood and the environment. You fought a powerful, misleading industry that will bully you no more. Fear them not, as they are non-human corporate entities with no regard for you or your health and safety. They have no heartbeat and only operate with dollar bills.

Today I am proud to be a Coloradan and proud to have fought by your side for a very long time. Governor Hickenlooper must listen to you now, and your voice must grow louder each and every day. You have assisted your neighbors, reformed the iron-fist governance, and now you must protect what you have changed. You are all champions and I salute you!

Lest any elected official hasn't heard our voice, your elections are coming up too, and subject to our might.

— Shane Davis

Fort Collins

A stranger's view

While on a cruise I met a nice man who was a reasonable conservative. He was also Canadian. He stated that, "We Canadians want our people to be healthy and strong and smart. We have no problems with our taxes paying for that. We can go to any doctor that we want to and it doesn't cost us a dime. Our children are given the best of educations, and we are competitive in the world market. What's wrong with you Americans? Why don't you want the same for your people?"

All that I could reply was that I and many others do. It's politics fed by corporations making people do things against their own best interests.

He said, "Don't you understand that children are your future? Don't you want the best for them and you? You're raising a future of criminals and slave workers!"

What could I say? He was right, and I was embarrassed. I'm so glad that he'll probably never know the results of our latest local elections.

— Pat Hill

Colorado Springs

Opting out

Once again the government is telling you what to do. Now we have to buy health insurance. That's a bunch of bulls--t. It's my body, and if I don't want health insurance I shouldn't be forced to buy it.

The Obamacare sucks! Be very, very careful and read, read, read and compare. What 60-something woman needs maternity coverage or mental health care (unless you're crazy)?

Personally, I'm going to take the penalty. It will be a lot cheaper.

What's happened to free America? We can't live our lives like we want to anymore. What a shame.

— B.D. Bryan

Colorado Springs

Guns, again

In Sally Alberts' letter ("It's insane," Nov. 6) she states she thinks we need to put laws in to stop the recent shootings. In all these shootings, the shooters passed the federal background check to buy their guns, so expanding the checks to private gun sales would do nothing to solve the problem.

So as we can see, no legislation being proposed will solve the problems she is concerned with. One thing she does get almost right is the title. "It's [the] insane" that are the problem.

— Jill Coleman

Colorado Springs

Deity optional

Don Davidson's letter on Air Force Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson's decision to make the phrase "So help me God" optional in the cadet honor oath is, unfortunately, inaccurate and not persuasive ("A matter of tradition," Nov. 6).

He makes his first error in the first 15 words: "Since you are against the statement 'under God' being included in the Air Force oath ..." The Indy's news brief was merely a factual report. As for tradition, the Honor Oath only dates back to 1984.

Mr. Davidson emphasizes the importance of American and military tradition and criticizes current military and political leadership. Until recently, those traditions would have prevented the presence of a female superintendent and an African-American president. Would this have resolved the issue to your satisfaction, sir?

I had the honor of teaching side by side with Gen. Johnson at the Academy, and she is a "competent," indeed, superb leader, as demonstrated throughout her 30-plus years of service to our nation. Davidson's argument grows ludicrous in urging our political leadership move USAFA and Fort Carson to a part of the country where the "sacrifices of our service members ... are appreciated." How dare you? Give us a visit before thinking that again!

— Steven Meyer

Colorado Springs

Defending the Ranger

In your Nov. 6 issue, letter-writer John TeHaug requests that you take a poll of your readers in regard to Rich Tosches' articles ("Shake the shtick"). I would warn Mr. TeHaug to be careful what he wishes for.

Myself and the "people" I talk with (a group that I would just about guarantee is a much more fun crowd than his "people") love the Ranger Rich column. Poor John doesn't seem to understand satire, especially when the target is the political side he favors. Just guessing here, but I'll bet Mr. TeHaug thinks Rush Limbaugh is real.

That said, please keep the Ranger's columns comin', and thinking people will continue to appreciate them. As for John TeHaug, he can read the Gazette, I'm sure he will find something cutting-edge in it that will make him think. Just kidding.

— Larry Christison

Cripple Creek

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