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Wanted woman makes donations to local GOP


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Holly Dalton, a property manager whose real estate license was suspended last year based on evidence of "dishonest dealing" in collecting rents for property owners, has a history of donating money to the El Paso County Republican Party.

Secretary of State records show Dalton, who owns Encore Properties and is wanted by police for allegedly stealing nearly $100,000, gave the party and candidates $8,134 from 2014 to 2016 using the name Dalton. She gave $862 under the name Holly Nuss from 2012 to 2014.

Beneficiaries, besides the party, and the offices they were seeking include: Scott Gessler (governor), $750; Gordon Klingenschmitt (Senate District 12), $400; Bill Elder (Sheriff), $250; and Michael Schlierf (House District 18), $300. Bernie Herpin (Senate District 11), Bob Gardner (Senate District 12) and Mark Waller (County commissioner) got $50 each.

Asked what the party will do with the donations, GOP spokesman Danny Cole says party officials "haven't been in this situation before." It's unclear, he pointed out, whether Dalton's donations were made before or after her alleged misdeeds. "There also are philosophical questions," he adds. "She also spent money on utilities, groceries and there's a report she bought a car for her son. Are these organizations expected to refund this money?"

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