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Wana Sour Gummies, Leafs by Snoop Peanut Butter Gems, Incredibles Mile High Mint Bar

A marijuana edibles review


Wana Sour Gummies - RYAN HANNIGAN
  • Ryan Hannigan
  • Wana Sour Gummies

Wana Sour Gummies, $16 per bag

200 mg THC per bag, 50/50 sativa/indica blend

The first word that came to mind on opening Wana's green foil pouch was "whimsical." These brightly colored beauties would not look out of place in an old-fashioned glass jar in grandma's pantry. They don't smell of weed, either — the sugar and artificial fruit cover any incriminating odors. Texturally, they're more tender than mass-market gummies, likely a consequence of the secret vegan, gluten-free recipe that Wana uses.

As for taste, the six mixed flavors all finish with balanced terpenes erring piney — think health store hemp oil. Don't mind the "sour" in the name; it's more for balance than for Warheads-grade pucker. Said sourness helps the flavors blend with the terpenes. The grape flavor doesn't play as nicely as the rest, and though they may be the last lingerers in the bag, they're still tasty enough. Of note, none of the flavors taste cheapy or cloying. Were Wana to produce these sans-THC, they'd have a strong market.

Unfortunately, the high leaves much to be desired. Multiple samplings produced a more mental high consistently marked by difficulty focusing and anxiety. A half-gummy produced the same adverse mental effect to a smaller magnitude.

In a phone call, Melissa Nooner of Wana Brands said that each gummy has between 10 and 12 mg of THC, explaining that "it's almost impossible to exactly calculate the amount of THC in one gummy," noting that some variance is legally protected by the MED.

Leafs by Snoop Peanut Butter Gems - RYAN HANNIGAN
  • Ryan Hannigan
  • Leafs by Snoop Peanut Butter Gems

Leafs by Snoop Peanut Butter

Gems, $16 per box,

20 mg THC per chocolate/100 mg per box,

50/50 sativa/indica blend

Credit where it's due, Snoop's team came up with gorgeous packaging. The white front of the box bears a nearly imperceptible paisley gloss watermark that would make Patrick Bateman sick with envy. Further, the plastic insert locks into the cardboard package, making it both child- and stoner-resistant while still displaying the logo. The branding on these chocolates has a thoroughness and consistency that blows the rest of the industry out of the water.

But all that looks gold may not glitter. Snoop's chocolate gems, airbrushed to an aged-gold appearance, are packed with preservatives and stabilizers like a Hershey or Nestlé product. Graham cracker crumbs add a little texture, and the chocolate and peanut butter play like a Reese's cup with less oily stickiness. The cannabis adds a subtle flavor that plays nicely enough with the peanut butter.

As for the high, don't expect to get Snoop Dogg turnt. One half-gem had no noticeable effect within three hours of eating it on an empty stomach. Further samples of both halved and whole gems produced mild, mellow highs, each erring a little light for the dosage. All told, these gems are a little disappointing, especially with all of the celebrity-name hype.

Incredibles Mile High Mint Chocolate Bar, $24 per bar - RYAN HANNIGAN
  • Ryan Hannigan
  • Incredibles Mile High Mint Chocolate Bar, $24 per bar

Incredibles Mile High Mint

Chocolate Bar, $24 per bar,

300 mg per bar/50 mg per piece, 60/40 sativa-dominant blend

This highly popular chocolate bar comes in a relatively plain foil package that recalls novelty "astronaut food" I salivated over as a kid. It's an appropriate comparison, as this bar can send a lightweight into space. Each of the six squares bears a clean, sharp "50 mg THC" imprint, though a strong, natural mint oil overwhelms any weed smell and leads the terpenes into a delicate waltz of flavor. Though not organic, the recipe is simple and gluten-free, with a smooth texture due in part to its coconut oil.

The high, body-focused, comes with a pronounced lightness and relaxation. Edibles tend to produce body-dominant highs, so the sativa bias in the blend provides a happy medium. Overall, this is what I hope for out of an edible: good flavor that balances rather than masks the flavor of the cannabis, and a pleasant, mellow high.

If there's a downside, it's that this particular bar is strictly for medical patients and heavy users. Fortunately, Incredibles does produce a 100 mg bar for the recreational market, so even lightweights can enjoy this product.

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