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Best Of 2011: Pet Groomer

You never realize that dogs have toes until one day you try and wash one and she hates it so much you can see those toes clenched to the edge of the bathtub, while your shirt hangs soaked and shredded, and the shower curtain lies in a puddle, ripped off its rings. Yeah, some dogs don't like baths. And no promise of liver brownies, mackerel ravioli or even a pig's ear will get that dog wet. It's sponge baths for some of us, but for the less hydrophobic, Wag N' Wash is the place to clean your pup and then indulge him or her with gourmet treats, accessories and specialty dog food. Started right here in the Springs in 1999, WNW has expanded to six locations around Colorado and in Arizona, cleaning and feeding our stinky, spoiled pups. — Edie Adelstein

Insider Guide 2010

Wash tubs? Check. Kibble? Check. Toys? Check. Two resident cats to keep an eye on the place and make sure you pick up cat food, too? Double check. Visit Wag N' Wash when your dog's dirty, hungry or antsy. Just keep in mind that he'll love you forever if you forego the wash and just lead him over to the in-house bakery for samples.

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