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Visit Colorado Springs: InSider 2016



The Pikes Peak region is often defined by its namesake mountain or stereotyped for its conservative politics, evangelical morals and military machismo. There is some truth to each portrayal. Still, a land made exclusively of spandex-wearing cyclists, bible-carrying preachers, and fatigue-clad soldiers we are not.

We publish InSider to bring newcomers and visitors up to speed on what you might not have heard about our city. This annually updated and thoughtfully curated publication is your guide to the Pikes Peak region, written by locals (Colorado Springs Independent staffers and contributors) who spend every week of the year researching and writing about it. We know this place is special and we want everyone else to know, too.

This edition of Insider is a true guidebook, intended to be taken along for the walk or the ride. Even if you've lived here all your life, InSider is something to keep handy the next time you find yourself away from your usual haunts. We guarantee there is something that you haven't seen or done.

What we don't guarantee is a comprehensive directory of every business or organization around. But just because it's not included here doesn't mean it's not worth exploring. We run into new places and ideas to share all the time, and we're happy to tell you all about them. With that in mind, pick up the Independent or visit us online weekly, and join us on the journey.

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