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Vase Vide and Had I Known to play dual release show


Had I Known will play a dual CD release show with Vase Vida Friday at Zodiac. - BRIAN W. TRYON
  • Brian W. Tryon
  • Had I Known will play a dual CD release show with Vase Vida Friday at Zodiac.
Daniel Oglesby, frontman of local art-rock quintet Vase Vide, and Brian Eastin, frontman of indie-rock trio Had I Known, are sitting outside Poor Richard’s on a Wednesday evening, discussing an evergreen topic among aspiring musicians — how does one “crack the code” and get their music heard outside their local stomping grounds?

Both readily admit to being somewhat puzzled by the concept of “branding” when it comes to their music, even though it’s considered a key element to music industry success. The two would much rather just let their songs do the talking instead of attempting to manufacture an identity.

“I’m a bit baffled by it; it’s something I still don’t understand, even though it’s a big part of it these days.” says Oglesby, while Eastin nods in agreement. “But [Vase Vide] started writing songs for the sake of writing songs. We didn’t get together and say, ‘oh, let’s be a metal band’ or ‘let’s be an indie band.’ We got together with more the idea of ‘let’s write cool songs that we would like to hear.’”

The pair’s respective bands are set to debut new material with a dual release show at the Zodiac on Friday, Nov. 10, with Had I Known releasing an EP, Pedestrians, and Vase Vide unveiling a full LP, Hello, Moon. Good Night. The evening will also feature a performance by the trio Katey Sleeveless, who, incidentally, also have a new EP forthcoming, though a triple-release night wasn’t quite doable.

“That probably would be tough, asking people to buy three records,” laughs Eastin.

Aside from the kismet of convenient timing, Vase Vide and Had I Known chose to arrange a dual release show because the two bands have played together many times — including at Vase Vide’s very first show— and feel their respective sounds mesh well together.

“People at shows always say that,” says Oglesby, joking “finally, the perfect indie-rock lineup.”
Had I Known had been asking around about potential producers since early last spring. They found their working partner in Schylar Woods of Wescott Pro Audio, quickly recording their material over the course of four days.

“It was just a perfect situation,” says Eastin of working with Woods. “I recommend him to everyone out there!”

Vase Vide, meanwhile, reunited with Adam Hawkins and Right Heel Studios, with whom the group recorded the EP The Colors of Entropy earlier in the year.
“He’s willing to experiment, which is what I like about him,” says Oglesby. “He’ll ask me what I think needs to be done, mix-wise, and I’ll usually let him run with it and it’s exactly what I wanted. Or, if not, way cooler and smarter than what I would have done!”

Both groups have also added new members to their folds. Drummer Jameson Becker joined Eastin and bassist Dan Snyder solidified Had I Known’s lineup, while singer and multi-instrumentalist Kellie Palmblad was brought on as a full member of Vase Vide following some initial guest appearances.

Becker should be a familiar face to many longtime Colorado Springs music fans, having drummed with Goya, Malakai, Laymen Terms and many others.

Eastin says Becker’s drumming perfectly augmented his and Snyder’s “weird, un-describable,” near-telepathic musical chemistry. “He’s always been a friend to me and Dan. It was either not be a band or have him join ... that’s how seamlessly he fit in.”

Palmblad, meanwhile, is an equally ubiquitous presence around town, courtesy of her work in Eyes Caught Fire, Constellation of Cars, Water Bear, and now the Katey Sleeveless trio. A former roommate of Oglesby, the pair had long discussed playing music together.

“She was initially brought in to record some vocal tracks,” says Oglesby, but it soon became apparent that her guitar and keyboard skills helped bring Vase Vide’s dense sound to life onstage. “A few weeks in, all the guys in the band asked me, ‘Can she just be in the band?’ She’s fucking amazing. She’s a big part of the new material going forward.”

Speaking of new material, even though their respective bands just finished recording, both Eastin and Oglesby are already eager to move forward with their new additions, funneling their energy and optimism into fresh material. Does that creative drive simplify the earlier question of creating a cohesive musical identity for listeners to latch onto?

“I don’t think we’ve mastered it yet,” says Oglesby. “But the future looks bright, and I’m happy to keep writing with these people and figuring it out.”

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