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Uwe’s German Restaurant's sound schnitzel


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  • Griffin Swartzell
Uwe’s dining area looks like a grandma’s handiwork, a quaint space with pine furniture. For lunch on a busy afternoon, I opt for affordable jägerschnitzel ($8.50) with default vegetables and potatoes, paired with a cup of German coffee ($4). It’s brewed from German brand Jacobs coffee, a respectable Colombian roast that won’t excite the third wave kids but certainly bowls over most diner stuff. It’s good black or with whipped cream, and it complements the complimentary rye bread.
Location Details Uwe's German Restaurant
31 Iowa Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO
Two pieces of pork schnitzel come tender and thin with a crisp coating. We’ve had richer mushroom gravy, but the sliced ‘shrooms themselves taste fine, evoking thanksgiving with the tender potato chunks, which land like home fries sans exterior crunch. Learn from my error and swap the veggies out for red cabbage or spätzle — the overcooked green beans and carrots recall canned, though the Brussels sprouts are less egregious.


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