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While many in town have been gearing up for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge for months now, others know very little about it or the team sport it features. But if 50,000 — or a whole lot more — turn out to see it, that could change quickly.


Austin Benefield lives in Woodland Park and works for a car dealership

What are your thoughts on professional cycling? I don't ever watch it, but I think it's sick. I would love to get a road bike and just start doing that.

What do you think an event like the USA Pro Cycling Challenge — with world-class riders coming here — will do for the city? Help it out a lot; bring a lot of people around ... [and bring] local businesses some money.

Do you think it's possible for Colorado Springs to re-brand itself as a sports mecca? Yeah, I think it should, 'cause the Olympic Training Center is here.


Chip Cole lives in Gleneagle and is an art director

How much do you know about the big cycling event coming to Colorado Springs? It's like a Tour de Colorado. I believe they are going to be going through some mountain passes.

What are your thoughts on professional cycling? I would watch it more, [but] there is so much about the substance abuses and stuff ... so you lose confidence in the sport.

Do you cycle? If so, what are your favorite trails or roads? I used to as a kid, but being bent over on a bike would just throw my stomach into loops, so I just quit.

Could Colorado Springs ever brand itself as a sports center or mecca? With Denver up north, not a major sports mecca. I just don't think we have enough people up here, and the proximity of Denver on a good day being 45 minutes away, is really hard to compete with.


Michael Colabo lives in east Colorado Springs and is a programmer

What are your thoughts on professional cycling? Indifferent. I've never seen it, or watched it, or done it.

Do you do any type of outdoor sports? The only thing I do is swimming.

How do you think the Pro Cycling Challenge will benefit the city? With [potentially] 500,000 people coming down, that's good for the economy and good exposure 'cause it's televised nationally.

Do you think it's possible for Colorado Springs to re-brand itself as a sporting mecca? I always thought it was — because of the mountains, the Olympic Training Center and the [2011] U.S. Women's Open.

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