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Multiple mass shootings, fiscal cliffs, the Waldo Canyon Fire, a divisive presidential election, an utterly dysfunctional Congress — 2012 has been a momentous, roller-coaster year. Here's hoping for an upswing in 2013.


Matthew Crawford from the near north end is a jeweler

How did 2012 stack up for you, personally? It was a raging pain in the ass. A lot of things came to a head financially that I'd been trying to get a handle on for a while. It'll soon be behind me, though.

Rate 2012 for the U.S. at large. The mass shootings were tragic, and all the B.S. that goes with an election year was divisive, but Obama's re-election was a huge win for the country.

What'll be your most enduring image of 2012? Seeing the absolute grandeur of the redwoods — a breathtaking experience that'll stick with me for life.

What was your best moment of the year? Greeting my girlfriend at the airport in Philadelphia when she returned after eight months in Ireland.

What's the biggest lesson for Colorado Springs to take into 2013? Don't let people from Castle Rock decide our logo.


Sarah Billerbeck from Lakewood is a K-through-8 music teacher

Rate 2012 for you, personally. It was a good year watching my three wonderful kids growing up, and I had a lot of success in my teaching.

How did 2012 stack up for the U.S.? The economy is picking up, and I was very happy to see Obama re-elected.

What from this past year would you do differently, if you could? Spend less time worrying and being busy, and more time with my family.

What was your peak moment of 2012? Going on a "Learn to be a pirate" cruise with my kids in Baltimore.

What's the biggest lesson our state can take into 2013? Look more carefully into the effect of oil and gas development.


Jill Spangenberg from Falcon is a high school teacher

What kind of year was 2012 for you? It was a year of spiritual growth. I had to go deep inside myself and not count on the outside world. I'd give it 8 out of 10.

How did we fare in 2012 as a country? The Republican party did everything in its power to destroy 2012. It's fabulous that Obama was re-elected.

What's likely to be your most enduring memory of 2012? My brother living with me for 14 months.

What's the biggest lesson Colorado Springs can take into 2013? Obama won the election; get with what the people want, not what the right-wing wants.

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