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Unofficial results

While El Paso County remained largely Republican, the rest of Colorado followed a national trend and turned Democratic. Results listed here are as of Wednesday morning, in contested races, and are subject to adjustment.

U.S. Congress

5th Congressional District

Doug Lamborn R: 60%

Jay Fawcett D: 40%

1st Congressional District

Diana DeGette D: 79%

Thomas Kelly Green Party: 21%

2nd Congressional District

Mark Udall D: 67%

Rich Mancuso R: 30%

3rd Congressional District

John Salazar D: 61%

Scott Tipton R: 37%

4th Congressional District

Marilyn Musgrave R: 46%

Angie Paccione D: 43%

6th Congressional District

Tom Tancredo R: 60%

Bill Winter D: 40%

7th Congressional District

Ed Perlmutter D: 55%

Rick O'Donnell R: 42%

Statewide office


Bill Ritter D: 56%

Bob Beauprez R: 41%

Secretary of State

Mike Coffman R: 51.6%

Ken Gordon " D: 48.4%

Attorney General

John Suthers " R: 53%

Fern O'Brien D: 43%


Cary Kennedy D: 51%

Mark Hillman R: 49%

State Senate

District 9

Dave Schultheis R: 69%

Keely Marrs D: 31%

District 11

John P. Morse D: 60%

Ed Jones R: 40%

State House of Representatives

District 14

Kent Lambert R: 69%

Karen Teja D: 31%

District 15

Bill L. Cadman R: 68%

Allison J. Hunter D: 32%

District 17

Mark Cloer R: 58%

Christine A. Varney D: 42%

District 18

Michael Merrifield D: 61%

Kyle Fisk R: 39%

District 19

Marsha Looper R: 66%

Ken Barela D: 34%

District 20

Amy Stephens R: 74%

Jan Hejtmanek D: 26%

District 21

Bob Gardner R: 58%

Anna Lord D: 42%

Statewide ballot questions

Amendment 38 (Petitions)

Yes: 31% No: 69%

Amendment 39 (School spending)

Yes: 38% No: 62%

Amendment 40 (Term limits for judges)

Yes: 43% No: 57%

Amendment 41 (Banning lobbyist gifts)

Yes: 62% No: 38%

Amendment 42 (Minimum-wage increase)

Yes: 53% No: 47%

Amendment 43 (One-man, one-woman marriage)

Yes: 56% No: 44%

Amendment 44 (Relaxing state marijuana possession law)

Yes: 40% No: 60%

Referendum E (Tax break for disabled veterans)

Yes: 80% No: 20%

Referendum F (Recall deadlines)

Yes: 44% No: 56%

Referendum G (Removing obsolete constitutional provisions)

Yes: 76% No: 24%

Referendum H (Limit immigration tax deductions)

Yes: 51% No: 49%

Referendum I (Domestic partnership benefits)

Yes: 47% No: 53%

Referendum J (School spending)

Yes: 42% No: 58%

Referendum K (State suing feds over immigration)

Yes: 56% No: 44%

El Paso County offices

County Commissioner District 1

Wayne W. Williams R: 74%

Bruce Berner D: 26%

El Paso County questions

County Question 1A (Third consecutive term for the clerk and recorder)

Yes: 48% No: 52%

County Question 1B (Third consecutive term for the sheriff)

Yes: 49.97% No: 50.03%

County Question 1C (Third consecutive term for the treasurer)

Yes: 47% No: 53%

City of Colorado Springs questions

City Question 200 (Revenue changes)

Yes: 38% No: 62%

City Question 201 (Deficit spending)

Yes: 38% No: 62%

City Question 2A (Nonexclusive franchise for Falcon Broadband)

Yes: 73% No: 27%

Downtown Development Authority (Tax by and for downtown)

Measure passed

Sources: El Paso County clerk and recorder, media reports and The Associated Press election results.

Note: For space reasons, results include major contenders. Election results may not add to 100 percent because of rounding and because minor candidates were omitted.

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