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Canadian indie-poppers do Denver


The Unicorns will be playing with their mythical drummer - on April 1.
  • The Unicorns will be playing with their mythical drummer on April 1.

Not a whole lot of indie-pop bands these days are writing songs about thug ghosts with lines as drop-dead gorgeous as: "I lift weights, but I don't sweat/ I go for a swim, but I don't get wet." It would take an improbable band named after an improbable mythic creature to so perfectly express the improbable peculiarities of a poltergeist's workout regimen. And The Unicorns are they.

Formed in the late'90s under various failed monikers by Nicholas Diamonds and Alden Ginger in British Columbia, the two dandies waffled around for a while and then finally became The Unicorns and made Montreal their home. Their equally mythical biography becomes hard to trace between the late '90s and 2003 when Ginger and Diamonds added drummer J'aime Tambeur to their lineup and released Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? (Alien8 Records).

Riddled with ruminations about death, ghosts and fame hating, Who Will Cut Our Hair is a less-than-experimental lo-fi psychedelic jamboree that, if you aren't uptight about production, is, well, ridiculously catchy in a way that sounds experimental. Guitar, Casio keyboard, various child toys, talking computer devices, etc. are all tricks of the post-rock trade these days, so "startling" doesn't exactly describe their sound. But if you like anything from the Flaming Lips to Xiu Xiu, you should find yourself right at home in the My Little Pony fantasy world inhabited by The Unicorns.

-- Noel Black


The Unicorns with The Beans

Rock Island, 1614 15th St., Denver

Thursday, April 1 at 7:30 p.m.


All Ages


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