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Unequal equality

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We wave the flag for self-determination, the pursuit of happiness and equal protection under the law, but too often only select Americans enjoy these rights.


Juanita de Sanz from San Francisco is a psychotherapist

To what extent does gender inequality still exist in the U.S.? Men are still paid more than women for the same job. If an equally qualified man and woman compete for a job, the man is more likely to get it. Men and women still aren't equally responsible for raising the children.

Why does gender inequality persist? Men and women both still tend to assume it's more important for men to succeed and be providers.

Did your grandparents tell inequality stories in their day? My godmother told me about how her parents could pay for college for only one kid, and even though she had a lot of promise and was a better student than her brother, they sent him because it was more important for a boy to have a career.

Which demographic group gets the rawest deal in the U.S. today? Black males. African-American women tend to be leaders of the family, which lends them a measure of respect. Black men don't get even that.


Philip Krogmeier from Monument is a clerk

How prevalent is gender inequality? Women are still underrepresented in many fields and they get paid less than men in similar positions.

Do you know any instances of gender discrimination? I know of several women in my job who had the same position as me but got paid less, even though they were more qualified and had been there longer.

Which American demographic is most subject to inequality today? We're especially hard on immigrants. We claim they take jobs away from U.S. citizens, but they actually get jobs U.S. citizens won't take.

Do you have a position on gay marriage? Religious belief should not determine anyone's right to marry.


Jason Stern from the north end area is a college student

How prevalent is gender discrimination today? It extends into the Obama administration; women have a lot of positions, but in predominantly low-opportunity levels.

Do you know anyone who's been personally impacted by gender issues? My mother. She got a ski racing scholarship to college the year they implemented Title IX, which made colleges offer equal numbers of athletic scholarships to males and females. Before that, only males got ski scholarships.

What demographic gets the rawest deal currently? Probably people of color, African-Americans in particular, but female African-Americans most of all.

Where do you stand on marriage equality for gays? It's kind of disgusting that religious beliefs still get mixed in with our laws.

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