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Chris Cagle


Chicks Dig It so much that theyve taken to throwing - bras at Chris Cagle during his concert performances.
  • Chicks Dig It so much that theyve taken to throwing bras at Chris Cagle during his concert performances.

Most women would agree: When a cute country music artist says over the phone that he's on a bus traveling cross-country, wearing nothing but Ralph Lauren all-cotton boxers and a Banana Republic v-neck T-shirt, it gets a little hard to pay attention. But then, it's got to be even more difficult for Chris Cagle to keep singing on stage when he has women throwing clothes at him.

"I got hit in the head with a bra last night," Cagle says. "And what was gross was, it was still warm. So it's like they'd just had it on. And I was, like, "Don't do that. Put this back on.'

"I guess, you know, it could be worse," he adds. "They could be hitting me with tomatoes."

With three albums and such chart-toppers as "What a Beautiful Day" and "Chicks Dig It" under his belt, it's unlikely Cagle will ever have to worry about tomatoes. Add in a rabid fan club of folks known as Cagleheads, and anyone would be crazy to toss a ripe red one his way.

"Everywhere I go, people always say, "My gosh, the Cagleheads wow.' You know, and I swell up. That's the one place where I get a little cocky and little bit prideful, and it's because of them, it's not because of me," he says. "And I don't know what I did to deserve that, but I'm extremely thankful."

The 39-year-old is still trying to get used to all the attention. At meet-and-greets, it's not unusual for fans to tell him that his songs have made them cry.

"People used to cry over The Beatles, you know what I mean? Or Elvis, or Michael Jackson or whatever ... I don't look at myself like that," Cagle says. "My management's, like, "You really need to really start looking at yourself as a star.' And I'm, like, "Dude, I'm a person.'"

But most average people haven't hit the Top 40 country charts eight times. They aren't working on a fourth album and touring the country, making three separate visits to Colorado over the next eight months.

All that in mind, it's hard to believe that Cagle has struggled with vocal-cord injuries that once kept him from singing for three months straight. He says he did have to learn to sing around the pain that comes and goes, and it forced him to make some lifestyle changes.

But, challenges of the past few years aside, Cagle thinks his success is really due to "an attitude of the heart."

"I think the moment I start forgetting who I really am, which is a country boy, is the moment I start losing, you know, or the moment it starts going downhill."

Cagle should be fine. It only takes one sweaty 34C upside the head to interrupt most daydreams.

Chris Cagle
Cowboys, 3910 Palmer Park Blvd.
Friday, Dec. 7, 9 p.m.
Tickets: $22 in advance/$26 at the door, 21-plus; call 596-1212.

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