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Tuesdays are for food trucks downtown


The Springs is giving a food truck meet-up spot a shot. The city’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department has teamed up with the Pioneers Museum and the Downtown Partnership for a 10-week trial program called Food Truck Tuesdays. On Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., food trucks are assembling to do business on the sidewalks along the west side of Alamo Square, the park surrounding the Pioneers Museum. The program, which will run through Oct. 17, is a pilot project, according to Claire Swinford, Urban Engagement Manager for the Downtown Partnership (and a former Indy employee).

Organizers picked Alamo Square as the trial location after seeing the Colorado Farm & Art Market’s successes on the park’s east side on Wednesday evenings.

“It’s a good site for a) big trucks to pull into and b) people from outside of downtown to park due to the parking garage just north,” Swinford says. The program started on Aug. 15, then featuring eight food trucks. Swinford says that every truck sold out of food — Hector Diaz, owner of Cuban food truck Lucy I’m Home, had to cancel a planned stop that evening. Nobody was prepared for the enthusiasm of the response.

The program will continue to host eight regulars, plus two more in rotating slots. Swinford notes Food Truck Tuesdays is primarily the Parks Department’s baby, but says the Downtown Partnership has informally surveyed attendees. Most, she says, specifically came downtown for the food trucks. She notes also that the trucks have been popular with jurors, as the El Paso County Combined Courts are directly across the street.

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