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Trump's true colors, nurses for ColoradoCare, secrecy and the mayor, and more



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Trump's true colors

Donald Trump's visit should give anyone who still believes he has the ability to run our country serious pause. His campaign knew exactly how many people the room would hold when they requested and signed a contract with UCCS.

Yet the Trump campaign distributed thousands more tickets than the capacity.

Trump insisted that more people be allowed into the room. When his request was denied based on fire code regulations, he not only pushed the blame onto the authority who dared to defy him, the fire marshal for Colorado Springs, but also proceeded to attack his integrity and competence. This was particularly shocking given that firefighters had rescued Trump from a stuck elevator just an hour or so earlier.

Trump specifically disclaimed any responsibility to people left out, stating, "It's not my fault." Except that it is — he owns his campaign. Trump likely has no idea the amount of stress and competence involved in the job of our fire marshal, especially in the dry, vulnerable territory where we live. True to form for a sociopathic personality, Trump dug in further, saying the fire marshal's conduct shows why our country "is going to hell."

Actually, Donald, if God judges people who lie, bully and cheat people as you did to so many vendors who helped build your businesses and students of your "university," you're among the strongest candidates to feel how hot the fire will be. As for those of us who endured the worst fire damage in the state's history, we'll continue to support and respect our fire marshal for enforcing safety regulations.

— Leslie Weise


About that elevator

Trump's elevator ride proves that not only does his elevator not go to the top, but it gets stuck between floors!

— John Losure

Colorado Springs

Negative impression

In my time as a general contractor and the 10 years I spent on the Colorado Springs City Council, I have had numerous personal interactions with Fire Marshal Brett Lacey. I've always found Brett to be the consummate professional whose first concern is safety of his fellow citizens. As such, it is disheartening (but not surprising) that the Republican presidential nominee should start his speech here with disparaging remarks about this selfless public servant.

Mr. Trump and his staff used one of the oldest tricks in the campaign book by reserving a venue too small for the anticipated crowd. By doing this they could claim "overflowing crowds" and turning away "thousands of supporters." But then to play the victim and attack one of our valuable city employees for doing what the law requires is despicable.

But this is what we have learned to expect with Mr. Trump. Don't agree with a certain senator? Belittle his years of torture and abuse as a prisoner of war. Don't like Muslims? Impugn the integrity of a family who lost a son in combat as an Army captain. Want to stir up a local crowd? Make fun of a dedicated career fire official.

In a campaign with so many bad choices, is it too much to ask a candidate to recognize professionalism and sacrifice?

— Scott Hente

Colorado Springs

Broadmoor benefits

I find the ongoing backroom activities between Mayor John Suthers' office and The Broadmoor very concerning. First the secretive "pre-ordained" land swap of Strawberry Fields. Now, another Broadmoor shopping list item... water, in the form of Rosemont Reservoir.

Another secretive negotiation with Suthers' blessing. Secret, that is, until the negotiation was reported by the Colorado Springs Business Journal.

What Colorado Springs natural resource will be next on Philip Anshutz's list? Who knows. But it sure looks like Anshutz already has crossed off the Mayor's Office and City Hall. They're already bought and paid for.

— Rebecca Lovett

Colorado Springs

Lofty aspirations

In his 2015 address to Congress, Pope Francis stated, "You are called to defend and preserve the dignity of your fellow citizens by the tireless and demanding pursuit of the common good, for this is the chief aim of all politics."

As members of Benet Hill Monastery, we the Benedictine Sisters of Colorado Springs, feel compelled to remind ourselves of these words, and ask all of our citizens of this great country to demand of our leaders the pursuit of the common good. We are witnessing a world and our homeland marked by hatred, brutality and violent conflict. We see within our society disparities in economic, political and social power. We have a political system paralyzed by extreme ideology and partisan politics. We cannot remain silent while both sides of a political divide threaten to tear apart the very fabric of this great nation.

It is time to say, "Enough!"

We call for civility in our discourse and decency in our political interaction. We seek dialogue that reflects the principles and values upon which this nation was founded. May each of us strive to promote the common good. We can ask no less of ourselves, of one another, and especially of our political leaders.

Let us honor the dignity of those with whom we disagree and treat one another with respect when we cannot agree. It is their right and ours.

— The Sisters ofBenet Hill Monastery

Sister Clare Carr OSB, Prioress

Think about it

I have to implore the supporters of Bernie Sanders to consider how their voting can adversely affect the election.

By refraining from voting, or supporting the Green Party, you will be contributing to Trump, possibly handing him the presidency.

How can these supporters of someone who epitomizes the antithesis of Trump allow this to happen? You really can't, can you?

I understand the frustration. But if you don't support his party, you are essentially going to exclude your own candidate from our government. Trump will not work with Bernie. Hillary will be forced to because all of you will demand so.

Please think about your choice. And also the Supreme Court. Do Bernie supporters really want Trump deciding this? Please consider the ramifications of your choices. The future of our country is depending upon you.

— Debra Avery

Colorado Springs

Less than secure

Donald Trump is right about one thing. I do not feel safe out on the streets in today's America, especially at ground zero here in the shadow of North American Space Command.

I was out on a four-bus errand trip today, and I felt uneasy and apprehensive the entire time, knowing that one out of every two people around me is either crazy enough, or ignorant enough, to support Trump.

I'm a one-issue voter: I know with absolute certainty that Hillary Clinton is not going to start a nuclear war.

— Gina Douglas

Colorado Springs

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