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Mass shootings in Paris and San Bernardino have unleashed floods of commentary about "Muslim terrorism" and what to do about it.

Melissa Rodriguez
  • Melissa Rodriguez

Melissa Rodriguez of Northgate is a line therapist.

Donald Trump proposes halting Muslim immigration until we"figure out what's going on." What, in your view, is "going on?" If you look at the Bible, this all goes hand-in-hand with the end times. We're a Christian nation, though; the only thing that drives out fear is perfect love.

Do you know any Muslims? I went to high school with one.

Did you fear or mistrust him or her? Nope.

If 17th-century Native Americans had proposed banning Christian immigration until they figured out "what's going on," would they have been right about Christians? We need to be on guard about who comes in, but we shouldn't judge. When my family came here from Cuba, nobody assumed they were terrorists.

Weldon Shaver
  • Weldon Shaver

Weldon Shaver of Piñon Valley is in real estate.

Donald Trump proposes a ban on Muslim immigration until we "figure out what's going on." What do you think is "going on?" A religion has been hijacked by extremists who intend to destroy the United States and bring about a caliphate.

Trump's ratings have soared since his proposal. What, pro or con, is your response? We're at war. We need to be aware of the enemy. Trump didn't say ban Muslims forever. He said figure out who's here, who can hurt us, and react accordingly.

Do you know any Muslims personally? Yes.

Do you fear or mistrust them? I don't fear them, and I wouldn't say I mistrust them, but I think we need to be more aware of what they believe and what they're taught.

Kelsey Hunt
  • Kelsey Hunt

Kelsey Hunt of Broadmoor Bluffs runs media services at UCCS.

What, in your view, is prompting Trump's proposal to bar Muslim entry until we "figure out what's going on?" The common denominator in it all is radicalization, not religion. The man who attacked Planned Parenthood is a Christian, yet no one is calling him aChristian terrorist.

Trump is soaring in the polls. Is he giving a voice to religious or racial animosity? It's super-scary that anyone supports such xenophobia. It's based on disaffected sound-bite politics, things you don't have to think very hard about.

If we banned Muslim immigration, how would we determine who is Muslim? There's no way to do that without infringing on freedom of religion, a founding principle of this country.

If 17th-century Native Americans had proposed banning Christian immigration until they could "figure out what's going on," would they have been right about Christians? This would have turned out to be a very different country, wouldn't it?

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