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Trump toys with the border



When Trump talks about the “caravan invasion,” he’s not trying to protect the nation. He’s only trying to get you to vote for a Republican. This has nothing to do with border security. This is an election trick.

Since Trump and the Republicans don’t have any accomplishments to run on, they have to run on lies (Republicans will save pre-existing conditions coverage) and fear (scary brown people coming to kill you and steal your lake cottage).

Trump and Republicans talk about how the caravan is staged, but if anything is staged, it’s him sending the military to the border days before the election. There’s no invasion for the military to meet, and if there were, the invaders would be moms in flip-flops and children with milk bottles. The military is not police, and they can’t detain anyone. There’s doubt the caravan will even make it to our border.
  • Clay Jones

The biggest threat the military faces on the border is actually domestic. Leaked documents reveal that the military is concerned with violent protesters from the left and the right, and volunteer militias who may become violent and who have stolen military gear in the past.

From the papers, the military is preparing to defend against an “estimated 200 unregulated armed militia members currently operating along the Southwest Border.” There are reports of these “patriotic” unregulated militias stealing National Guard equipment during deployments.

This is an abuse of our military by Trump. Treating the military like toy soldiers you can play with for an election stunt is much more disrespectful than kneeling during the National Anthem. Trump said the military should treat people throwing rocks as if they have rifles, and was authorizing soldiers to shoot the rock throwers. The next day, he claimed he never said that.

What we need to see is just how much of a crisis this “caravan invasion” is after Tuesday. Will the military still be there? Will Trump keep screaming and lying about it at the rate he is now? Will it even be an issue? Will Trump pretend it’s the first he’s ever heard of it?

Trump has shown us there’s no depth he won’t sink to and nothing he won’t abuse for his own selfish gain. Instead of sending 5,000 soldiers to the border he should be sending 5,000 lawyers and judges to help with processing refugee applications.

Trump believes the military is his own personal toy. What he’s revealing is that his brain is emptier than Mr. Potato Head’s.

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