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Trump: A legend in his own mind



Apparently President Trump wonders why he's getting the lowest job-approval ratings from the public in modern presidential history. Maybe he should actually look at the godawful policies he's pushing.

For example, the GOP's draconian health care scheme is so ugly that only 17 percent of Americans support it — and even Trump, who originally said he was "100 percent behind this," now calls the bill "mean."

Then there's his promise to invest a trillion dollars in hiring people to repair America's collapsing infrastructure. That turns out to have been a Trump scam. His actual plan is to give an $800 million tax break to high-roller Wall Street investors, hoping they'll put some of it into infrastructure projects. It's like promising to feed the sparrows by putting oats in the feeding trough of horses, hoping they'll pass through some seeds for the birds to peck out.

Also, remember his promise to crack down on Wall Street greedheads? No go. Now, he and Congress are pushing a bill to coddle the banksters by removing existing consumer protections that restrict Wall Street greed.

Nevertheless, he recently stroked his own ego with the fanciful claim that Americans are "seeing amazing results" from his presidency. Shifting into overdrive, the chief proclaimed that "never has there been a president — [except maybe] FDR — who's passed more legislation, who's done more things than what we've done."

Uh... no, Mr. President. Not actually. Not even close. I realize you don't "believe" in facts, but here's one to sober you up: The Trump White House has produced no major legislation. None. Zero.

He's right, however, that we Americans are seeing truly "amazing results" from his six months on the job: We're amazed that in such a short time his so-called presidency is mired in conflicts of interest, constitutional quagmires, erratic behavior, ideological arrogance, tweeted ignorance, lame policy proposals, and — let's admit the obvious — his own incompetence.

And yet he is creating new jobs for 4,000 lucky Americans. In Afghanistan. The 16-year war there has been an unequivocal disaster for the U.S. and our troops. But rather than being a commander in chief, Trump has washed his hands of that presidential responsibility, becoming a wimpy delegator in chief by handing off responsibility to the military brass. They're now shipping 4,000 more troops into a hellish war the American people do not support.

Trump's overriding failure, however, is that he has no vision, no big ideas, no moxie — just a slogan. Any gasbag can say "Make America Great" over and over again. But doing it takes real leadership, and he and his White House gang of incompetents clearly don't have that in them. Sad.

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