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Tour spicy options with Mobo Sushi’s all-you-can-eat menu


I’m helping a friend move, and soon there will be the carrying of a thick... mattress... up... steep... stairs... We need motivation, but more importantly, fuel. Driving north on Academy Boulevard, we spot a sign for all-you-can-eat sushi ($24.99/person), and decide that this is indeed the only thing we want in our lives at this moment — it’s not an option, it’s an auspicious mandate on our laborious man date. We chase the cold out of our bones with green tea, then begin our assault on Mobo Sushi’s nigiri and roll menu. Yeah, we could throw in a seaweed salad or some apps, but why waste the stomach real estate? We start hot with spicy tuna and salmon rolls, and get happily redundant with a roll that spotlights more spicy salmon and tuna with fresh jalapeño slivers. My cheeks blush. Then, among other nigiri pieces, comes more fire with spicy baby scallop nigiri that’s notably colder than our other fish bits, like a bite of creamy seafood ice cream in a weird-good way. Unagi! You can never go wrong with that. Then a fibrous bite of fried asparagus with avocado on a roll. Next: a meh Caterpillar Crunch roll, basically a California roll with a thin panko crumble atop. That just gets us craving real crunch, so we finish with a classic Spider Roll, crispy soft-shell crab bits satisfying our textural desire. We feel we’ve easily eaten our money’s worth of quality fare. 
Location Details Mobo Sushi
5975 N. Academy Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO

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