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Sixty seconds with Tori Amos



Indy: Your new album is called Abnormally Attracted to Sin. Like Gov. Mark Sanford?

TA: Isn't it quite something that it's those people who point fingers and judge, who cause so much destruction, a lot of times destroy people that are really trying to make a difference in the world and fight for liberty for people?

Indy: And sin is everywhere. The Internet is supposedly composed of 75 percent porn.

TA: But don't you think that, because of this delusion of the spiritual and the sexual, so much sexuality is devoid of spirituality? We're starving to merge the two, but don't know how.

Indy: Have you yourself figured it out?

TA: I'm trying to practice it in my own life. But as a minister's daughter, it's been a long road.

Indy: Was there a crucial breakthrough moment for you?

TA: I remember a time when my grandmother said that a good Christian woman needs to be brought up to understand that to be respected and live a life of spiritual worthiness, you turn your soul over to God and your body to your husband when you marry. I was 5, and I thought to myself, "Jesus Christ! This is prison!" And in that moment, I knew that this was what I had to combat — so I'd just write songs while she talked to me. I'd create worlds and wormholes to jump through and get out.

— Tom Lanham

At Denver's Paramount Theatre, July 21.

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