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Top five

...offensive and defensive strategies for foosball

1. Rule #1: Don't spin the rods.

2. The Bait and Switch: Float your men around to show your opponent a hole in your defense, then close the hole as he shoots.

3. The Race Defense: At a dead stop, show your opponent a hole; when he moves, beat him to it. (You've gotta be fast.)

4. The Brush Pass: Swipe at the ball and brush it at an angle, making it look like you're going one way when, in fact, you're going the other.

5. The Roller: Pin the ball in the middle of the table and move your wrist down on the rod. Flick the ball out and wrap the rod up over your hand it's the fastest shot on the table.

Says who? Jeff Ferrier, fooser and commissioner of Rocky Mountain State Games foosball.

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