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Too cruel for school

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School should be full of fun, good friends and great learning experiences. But all those positives disappear if your peers make you a target of teasing, intimidation and humiliation.


Tanya Saiz of central Colorado Springs is a certified nursing assistant

Do you think bullying is a big problem in our schools? Yes, it's a huge problem. And the schools don't really address it or do much to prevent it.

Have you ever been bullied? Yes, mostly in middle school. When I asked for help, the school counselor said I should just suck it up.

Did it get any better? I just became a loner so the bullying didn't get to me. Then after middle school, freshman year was the worst. It only gets better when you get out of school.

How can we stop it? It's up to the parents, the teachers and the people in authority to teach kids about it, and help prevent it.


Tracy Norton of the east side is in the military

Is bullying a big problem? It's a major problem. My son was bullied, and he's only in the second grade.

Did the teachers do anything to stop it? My wife stopped it when she saw it happen. Sometimes there are only one or two teachers to supervise around 100 kids before school.

Do you think it's better or worse than when you were a kid? I think it's gotten better, but I grew up in a rough neighborhood. When I was in middle school I didn't even go out to recess because it was so bad.

What did you do to make the bullies stop? Eventually I just outgrew them, and then I stood up to them and they backed down.

So what can we do to better protect our kids? Bullies are cowards in disguise. They like to travel in packs, and they don't like to be confronted. The best way is to isolate them, and they usually back down.


Tyanne Clark of Fountain is a stay-at-home mom

Is bullying a problem in our schools? Yes, it's a huge problem that we need to address. That's why my kids go to private school.

What can be done to help? The anti-bullying campaigns are good, and there should be zero tolerance for bullying in the schools. But it begins at home. If my son makes fun of other kids I put a stop to it. We need to teach our kids to help others instead of ridicule.

Were you ever bullied when you were a kid? Yes, in junior high the sixth graders were bullied by the eighth graders. They'd surround us in the halls. But it's gotten worse since I was in school.

Why do you think it's worse? The teachers are overwhelmed. Fewer kids per teacher would really help. And parents need to take responsibility for parenting.

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