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To help launch a new column, the Indy takes a peek at a cabbie's world

All's fare



Who among us has not had this experience: Walking down the street, you come upon a knot of people exiting a limousine curbside at a nightclub. You look at the revelers beside the limo — a bachelorette party, perhaps — and one ingenuously confesses, "It's not ours! We just rented it."

Well, yes. Who besides the tacky super-rich or a Powerball winner would own a stretch white limo? That's half the fun of renting one.

To be a passenger in a cab can be the same thing, writ smaller. For the length of the ride and price of the fare, you're chauffeured by a stranger. Maybe it's not stretch-limo luxurious, but it's somehow, oddly, liberating.

Such is the passenger's view. In Colorado Springs, many of us might have it once or twice a year, say, going to or from the airport.

What about the view of the driver? That "independent contractor" is sitting in his or her seat for 10 or 12 hours at a stretch, awaiting one random encounter after another. Strip away the novelty of the experience, and what's left in and around the car?

In the images to the right, photographers Bryan Oller and Casey Bradley Gent try to answer that question, one shot at a time, with an eye toward helping inaugurate our new weekly column from cab driver Terry Gibson. His first installment appears in this issue, and others will follow, in the back of the paper, in coming weeks. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

— Robert Meyerowitz

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