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Black Friday, Cyber Monday, on-the-spot media reportage, hour-by-hour spending updates ... love it or hate it, you can't escape the holiday shopping season.


Kevin Donovan from Cheyenne Cañon is an attorney

Relate your attitude toward holiday shopping. It starts too early, it runs too long. It's way overblown.

Do you ever buy gifts online? Never. I like to have the people where I buy gifts, wrap them.

When was the last time you made a gift you gave? A key rack that I made in high school wood shop.

What's the best handmade gift you've received? A ceramic pot my daughter made.


Kay Benavides from the Uintah Gardens area is unemployed

Describe your feelings about holiday gift shopping. It's fun, but I don't do a lot of it because I'm in the lowest economic bracket. I'd avoid the Black Friday mob scene, though.

Given a thousand bucks to spend, where would you shop, and what would you buy? I'd head for the mall to buy my husband a cordless saw and drill, my mother some clothes and a hairdo, and my brother whatever he asked for.

Name the last gift you made yourself. A patchwork denim quilt that I gave my husband.

What's the best handmade gift you've received? A doll from my grandmother when I was a kid.


Chuck Donachy from Rustic Hills is retired from the Department of Defense

Relate your views on holiday shopping. Ho, ho, ho, my wife does it all.

Do you shop online? The only purchase I've ever made online is a book. I can't remember the title.

Name the last time you gave a gift that you made yourself. I gave my sister a day of work. I showed up at her place and did whatever she asked for a day.


Phil Foster from the Patty Jewett area is a coffee shop owner

What's your attitude toward holiday shopping? I like getting gifts better.

Is there a store where you generally shop? I go downtown and hit the shops there.

If you were handed a thousand bucks to spend at a local store, where would you shop? I'd go to a sporting goods [store] to buy a bicycle or running stuff — recreational equipment in general.

What's the best handmade gift you've received? Clothing made by my mother.

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