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TinctureBelle aims to heal with marijuana, and they dabble in chocolate too

The healing arts


  • J. Adrian Stanley

ill and Char Mayes officially started TinctureBelle in 2010 with a goal of helping patients through the healing powers of marijuana. And that's still their main gig — but they make some delicious rec chocolate bars now too.

The family-run company didn't even consider joining the recreational game until 2014. Even then, they only did it because it seemed like a necessity to stay afloat amongst a growing number of competitors cashing in on Colorado's green rush. Now many of their products are available without a doctor's note at Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs and Strawberry Fields in Pueblo.

But the couple, who have been married 25 years and co-own the business, say their mission is still to share marijuana with those who need it most. "Anybody out there that needs help, we go above and beyond," says Bill Mayes. "We put the patients and the people first."

He adds, "We started to help people with the tincture and that was the first product we came out with. Shortly after, we made the rub, soap and lotion to help with eczema, digestive issues, to cure a simple headache."

One thing that hasn't changed? TinctureBelle is still run by the Mayes family — and not just Bill and Char.

"TinctureBelle has always been a family-run company," says Char Mayes. "People say you shouldn't work with your family, but I don't agree. Our oldest daughter is our head chef and manager, my sister manages the medical sales, my cousin ran the Pueblo location and Uncle Steve [who recently passed away] was a grower. I think because we all love and care for each other so much, that comes out in our products."

Char and Bill Mayes say healing with cannabis is their passion. - DIONNE ROBERTS
  • Dionne Roberts
  • Char and Bill Mayes say healing with cannabis is their passion.

TinctureBelle's original tincture is still a staple, available in Naked (no flavor but tastes like honey) and Hashberry, a strawberry-raspberry mixture. Although tincture is traditionally made with alcohol, due to sticky distribution laws that prohibit mixing the two substances, TinctureBelle uses 99.9 percent kosher, food-grade glycerin. And there's a benefit to that. Alcohol is an ideal carrier for THC, but ingesting liquefied weed under the tongue can produce an unpleasant taste when using say, Everclear.

"Glycerin is very sweet but completely diabetic-safe because there's no sugar in it," says Char Mayes. "It's also conducive to other medications so it seems to be an opportune medium to cater to the masses."

The tincture is infused twice, once with whole flower that has been carboxylated in crock pots. Then the plant matter is strained out, leaving the glycerin to retain all the goodness from the green. It's infused again with RSO, extracted cannabis oil that contains all the chemical properties of the weed. It's also known as "full spectrum," meaning you're getting all the cannabinoids from the marijuana.

  • J. Adrian Stanley

TinctureBelle has their own grow house for the medical side so they can oversee every facet of the process.

"We grow our own plants and that's what we use for our full flower extraction, not just trim and leaves," says Char Mayes. "We know how it was grown, how it was taken care of and what was used in the growing. That's important to us when we're putting it into something that you're going to consume."

Similar attention has been put into the company's pain rub, which contains nine other herbs and oils besides cannabis, like turmeric, making it a unique and marketable product even without the THC. "A lot of the herbs chosen are anti-inflammatory, pain- relieving, anti-arthritic," says Char Mayes. "Because we use carrier oils it doesn't just sit on top of the dermal layer. The oils take all the herbs and the THC and pull it down into the muscle tissue so you get such amazing relief."

The testimonials are overwhelmingly positive and diverse. From finding relief due to an itchy mosquito bite to the alleviation of third-degree burns. Nevertheless, sales representatives have come back to TinctureBelle indicating that they have a hard time selling their products because "their stuff doesn't get you high."

"Because it's not supposed to," says Bill Mayes.

As TinctureBelle evolves they have introduced edibles that absolutely will get you lifted, made with the same awareness and care. Their chocolate bars utilize distillate in an effort to enhance the flavor profile.

"You're still getting the benefits without the taste of the canna-butter or hash oil," says Char Mayes. "We use premium chocolate and good ingredients so those really come out."

The Cherry Eclipse features organic dried cherries, chopped almonds and a non-milk fat, which make it vegan-friendly. The Buddha Buddies is a gluten-free bar with peanut butter, toasted coconut and a blend of milk and dark cocoa.

With a large demographic of individuals who have dietary restrictions, TinctureBelle opts to appeal to everyone. That inspired their new "Anything Drops," a golden safflower oil with pure distillate that you can add to food of any kind.

  • J. Adrian Stanley

"Cantaloupe, a smothered burrito ... anything," says Char Mayes. "You don't want candy, you have a specific diet, you can still use it."

Available in the recreational or medical realm, the slim, discreet, pen-like cartridge offers one drop at a time for accurate administration. Full of good fats and omegas, the oil provides optimum THC absorption.

"We are leaning towards higher-end and we're always looking out for people," says Bill Mayes. "We don't skimp on ingredients and we want to help, not hinder."

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