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As part of its millennium project, the New York Times asked Fountain residents to submit a list of items that could be put into a time capsule that's representative of American culture at the brink of the 21st Century. The Fountain capsule will be placed on permanent display in the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Here are the items from Fountain that will actually be on display:

A piece of barbed wire
An Indian peace pipe
Military Meals Ready to Eat (MRE's)
A Beanie Baby
A cell phone
A beeper
A Purple Heart
A High School conduct code
A cell phone
Three photos

Of 150 total items listed, here's a sampling of other objects that Fountain residents recommended be placed in the capsule:

A hood ornament from a '57 Chevy
A hacky sack
A menu from Ralph's Fine Dining
A bomb
The Backstreet Boys "Millennium" CD
Colored contact lenses
The Lord's Prayer
A packet of wildflower seeds
A railroad tie
A pamphlet for a new car
A Bronco pennant
A bag of Korean potato chips
A "Hanoi Jane" urinal sticker
McDonald's cheeseburger
A toothbrush
A rock of crack
A Remington sculpture
A rabbit's foot
A hunk of sod
An audio tape of a high-speed police chase

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