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Three's company

Sara Ware Howsam's "Firefly Twilight" is one among - many at Plantera's Three Artists show.
  • Sara Ware Howsam's "Firefly Twilight" is one among many at Plantera's Three Artists show.

Simple. Pleasing. Accomplished. Unpretentious. That's what you can expect at the group show, Three Artists, opening tomorrow evening at Plantera Group.

Though Plantera Group is a financial planning firm, its renovated Victorian building at 731 N. Weber St. doubles as an art gallery. It's attractive and spacious, a good place for hosting the occasional art show. This one benefits the Pikes Peak Center Encore Fund.

Three artists are featured: painter Sara Ware Howsam, photographer Tim Davis and sculptor Davoth. (Yes, just Davoth.)

Howsam describes her work as "a celebration of ornamentation." Working in acrylics, she creates lush, multi-layered images that celebrate the complex, rhythmic beauty of the natural world. Her paintings are bright and exuberant, luscious and brilliant like midsummer wildflowers in Crested Butte. They all look pretty much alike, but so do wildflowers, summer after summer, so think of her paintings as variations on a single theme.

Tim Davis' photographs, according to the artist, are "meditations on the beauty of ordinary objects." Davis photographs surfaces that most of us scarcely look at -- torn posters on a wall, scratched mailboxes, streaked and rusty railroad cars -- and creates dazzling abstract images. "Echinoidia" looks for all the world like a picture of undersea creatures in their natural habitat, while "Sky Over Tyre" seems to be just that -- a faded landscape of vast antiquity. But they're not what we imagine; they're just slightly manipulated, close-up shots of the sides of railcars.

Davoth's small-scale sculptures are sleek and witty. "Freudian Probe Module," a wooden rocket ship sheathed in copper and aluminum, with a carefully crafted fiery exhaust, is as light, familiar and earnestly nutty as the '50s science fiction that inspired it. And take a look at "Jimmy Jet the Death Machine," a wheeled wooden rocket ready to, well, do absolutely nothing.

-- John Hazlehurst


Three Artists

Plantera Group, 731 N. Weber St.

Opens Friday, Aug. 26, 5-8 p.m.

For gallery hours and more information, call 886-0456.

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