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Three's a charm

Storytellers to cut loose at the BAC

Storyteller Wendy Harms
  • Storyteller Wendy Harms

"Before cartoons, video games, movies or television, there was -- the mental animation of the listener, the physical animation of the storyteller enlivening the tale. Together they produce the experience of storytelling, humanity's oldest art."

-- John Stansfield

Three local masters of "humanity's oldest art" will hold court on Saturday, March 6, at the Business of Art Center theater venue.

John Stansfield, storyteller extraordinaire, has entertained almost 1 million listeners in his career, regaling them with tales at schools, libraries and storytelling conferences across the country. Manitou High School drama teacher Wendy Harms has taught, directed and performed for over 20 years. And Pam Faro, since 1988, has made a living as a professional storyteller, weaving Spanish and/or music into her programs, telling tales from around the world, playing her guitar and leading bilingual Spanish-English cuentos.

Together, these three entertainers have concocted a program that will showcase their different rhythms, styles and subjects. Attendees can expect a tale of a Russian house on chicken legs, and they can join in the singing of a traditional Irish ballad. Faro will perform a cuentos -- one of countless stories or fables brought to the American Southwest by Spanish and Mexican settlers, interwoven with Native American culture and passed on by generations of storytellers.

Before the electronic and video age, storytelling was a time-honored family and community tradition as well as a distinctly human art form. As that tradition has given way to wired communication, the storytelling profession has taken on urgent importance. If we forget how to tell our stories, or how to listen, we risk forgetting who we are. Stansfield, Harms and Faro stand ready to remind us.

-- Kathryn Eastburn

capsule Thrice Upon a Time

A storytelling festival with John Stansfield, Pam Faro and Wendy Harms

Manitou Art Theater, Venue 515, Business of Art Center, 515 Manitou Ave.

Saturday, March 6, shows at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

$8; Call 685-1861 for reservations. Tickets available at the door 30 minutes before the show.

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