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Three poems

Reprinted from A Day in Boyland, with the poet's permission.

"A Day in Boyland"

Their bodies

surround her: whose

leg is this? Whose

arm? The wind

cuts their faces equally

on the ride down;

on the way back up

she never has to carry

the sled.

"Boys on Bikes"

And the

boys on bikes they're

coming toward me I am

sitting on the stoop husking corn,

snapping peas and the

boys on the bikes they are

riding down the hill and I'm

standing up to wave and they're

arriving in the driveway and I'm

asking where they've been when the

boys on the bikes are

coming toward me I am

my gladdest, most myself with the

bikes on either side, I am lifted up

the corn husks blowing away the

bowl of peas topples I don't

care about the dinner I am

gorgeous in the driveway turning

from bike to bike as the

sun goes down and the

ice cream truck slides away

"Thank-You Note to the Supposed Lesbian Who Stole My Boyfriend"

You and your

clingy shirts with

girl cartoon characters,

your funky glasses

and super-short haircut.

You and your


broken heart,

knowledge of diners

and flea markets,

vegetarian recipes.

You took him,

and forgot to say


But then,

I forgot to say

thank you.

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