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Colorado is widely known for its natural beauty, and people from all over the world have made homes here. But the deadly pine beetle may be our most unwanted neighbor.

Mark Stephens
West Yorkshire, England

Satellite television business
Are you familiar with the pine beetle problem? No, but we have a problem with elm beetles in the U.K.
What's the most beautiful locale in Colorado? I'm on a job assignment in Denver, and this is my first excursion into the countryside. So for me, it's Garden of the Gods so far.

Name another locale you know of whose beauty is in jeopardy. Most of the few remaining wild areas in Europe are under enormous pressure from tourism and development.

Where would you choose to live for its sheer beauty? The Tuscany region of Italy around Florence, but not just for the beautiful landscape. Also because of the people and the architecture, the whole style of the place.

What's your favorite Beatles song? "Eleanor Rigby," or any song on Revolver.

Marian Avoy
Chipita Park
Tell what you know about pine beetles. Being from Montana, I know they devastate forests and lead to fires.

What Colorado locales are most in danger of being spoiled? Developers are swallowing up the places surrounding urban areas like Colorado Springs and Denver. Also, the ski areas.

Besides Colorado Springs, where would you live for its beauty? Maybe Hawaii, but Colorado is the most beautiful place in the country.

Name a beautiful spot that's been spoiled by natural disaster or development. New Orleans, of course. I'm also very put off by plans to put in a see-through walkway over parts of the Grand Canyon.

What's your favorite Beatles song? "Yellow Submarine."

Roy Hepler
Springs Ranch
Retired IT worker
Name something that's putting Colorado's beauty at risk. Water contamination, like what's happening in Leadville.

What's this state's most beautiful locale? We moved here 2 years ago, and I haven't found a bad one yet.

All right, what's the most beautiful place in the U.S.? Colorado is the most beautiful place, period.

Where in Colorado would you live for its beauty alone? Pagosa Springs, or near one of the skiing places like Monarch or Breckenridge.

Name a Colorado locale whose beauty has been spoiled. Denver.

Favorite Beatles song? "Help!"

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