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The Warm Inventions

Sixty seconds with Hope Sandoval and Colm Ó'Cíosóig


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Indy: It's been eight long years since the Warm Inventions released Bavarian Fruit Bread. Where in the hell have you been?

HS: Well, we went to L.A. for two years. And we had a blast. We didn't wanna go at all ... But we ended up having so much fun there. We moved into a really amazing new house and we had parties every weekend, with old friends popping in all the time.

Indy: But you two don't seem like social butterflies.

CÓ'C: Well, you're right , we're not. But we do manage to have fun.

HS: And we have a lot of friends in L.A.

Indy: How did you know it was finally time to track Through the Devil Softly?

HS: We thought we had it a year ago. But it was missing certain ingredients. And then we had time to think about it, because Colm went back out on tour with Kevin [Shields, leader of Ó'Cíosóig's other outfit, My Bloody Valentine].

Indy: There's lots of religious imagery on there. You were raised Catholic, right?

HS: Yes. And I believe in prayer, too — I know it really works. If you get 20 or 30 people, and everybody's praying for the same thing, it works. I've seen it.

CÓ'C: Yeah. It's all that energy, focused on one thing.

Indy: So what's your belief system?

HS: I've started to get into Jehovah's Witness things. I don't practice it myself, but I've talked to many people who do and I've learned a lot from them. They say that when you die, nothing happens. And I kinda like that idea. I mean, there are so many wonderful things here on Earth, so where would you wanna go?

At Denver's Bluebird Theater, Oct. 1.


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