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The Springs in 2014: Squinting into the distance

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One week into the new year, it's time to look ahead. What's on the radar for Colorado Springs?

Tiffany Holbrook

Tiffany Holbrook of downtown is an elementary school teacher

What should the city's top priority be in 2014? Continuing the growth of downtown. Not the City [for] Champions thing, though.

Which city should Colorado Springs be more like? I was just in Portland, but I'm not hip enough for that. I don't want us to become like Boulder, either. I don't want us to be something else.

What's your pet peeve about Colorado Springs? Businesses close so early on Saturday and Sunday. I went on the Christmas stroll in Old Colorado City, and it was a lovely evening of walking around with friends and checking out local businesses. I wish I could do that downtown on a regular basis.

How will legalization of marijuana affect us locally? Secondhand smoke will become more of an issue.

Brian Picklesimer

Brian Picklesimer of Rockrimmon is a restaurant manager

What local issue do you wish the media would give a rest? I'm tired of hearing about marijuana. That'll die down, though, once people see that chaos isn't consuming us.

Is Colorado Springs headed in the right direction? There's way too much sprawl. If we built upward, like any other city, we'd get lower taxes per capita and people could walk and ride bikes more.

What city would you like to see Colorado Springs resemble more? Seattle. It has a very forward-looking, responsible, environmentally conscious culture. People here are more short-term, low-cost-up-front, screw-the-consequences.

What local impact will legalization of marijuana have? People who smoke already smoke; withholding licenses "prevents" nothing. It would make far better sense to just issue licenses and plug into the huge tax revenues it's generating in Denver and Pueblo.

Jennifer Doherty

Jennifer Doherty of downtown is a business owner

What should this town make its priority in 2014? More access to public transportation.

Is Colorado Springs moving in the right direction? It hasn't moved anywhere in the four years I've been here. It's kind of stagnant.

Name something that annoys you about Colorado Springs. As big a city as we are, there are few big-city benefits. There's little access to live music. Businesses close on Sunday.

How will legalization of marijuana impact us locally? It'll be interesting to see how it affects law enforcement.


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