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So, you want to see Sen. Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech Thursday at Invesco Field, but didn't get tickets. You wonder: Is there hope of getting in?

The short answer is ... well, there isn't a short answer. But don't bet on it.

"Community credentials" for Obama's speech were given out for free to specific Obama supporters, in many cases to folks volunteering for the campaign.

Since interest far exceeded supply, the free market went to work, with would-be sellers seeking tidy profits offering tickets on and other Web sites.

That ruffled some Obama campaign feathers. Officials set about having ads for tickets removed from eBay and elsewhere, and they threatened that any ticket transferred from the original recipient would be deactivated.

That doesn't mean disappointed Obama fans are giving up. Hopeful buyers are posting steadily on Denver's craigslist, touting their experience as faithful campaign volunteers and donors.

One woman, contacted through the site, replied that she did manage to "procure two expensive tickets from two different people," but explained she was reluctant to talk to the Indy about it because of concerns it "may be less than legal for them to exchange hands that way."

"I know I am not the only one wheeling and dealing these things, though!" she added.

Legality may be less a concern than simple disappointment. John Morris, El Paso County's Democratic Party chair, suggests buyers face a good chance of not getting in if their name is not the same as the one paired with the ticket.

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